Pyramid Lofts

Philadelphia, PA
Located in Brewerytown, the Pyramid Lofts Project is a 50-unit adaptively reused abandoned warehouse.  Our client, MM Partners LLC (MMP) envisioned that the project would propel the revival of this Philadelphia neighborhood to a new level.

Concept, Design & Process

Pyramid lofts took an abandoned warehouse and adaptively reused it to create a 50-unit mixed use building. This project aids in the revival of this Philadelphia community by creating ground floor commercial space with one and two bedroom units above, out of previously abandoned space. The building was previously used as a furniture and electric warehouse. The original concrete and brick structure remained strong through the years and has been incorporated into the new design. Graffiti has also been preserved in select spaces to capture the story of the structure. With street parking, fitness amenities, commercial tenant space and a dog run, this project has attracted young professionals from across the city. 

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