Turning Angles Into Advantages

Philadelphia, PA

Concept, Design & Process

It’s not everyday that Marshall Sabatini gets asked to evaluate a corner property with a triangle footprint, situated next to a dilapidated building, and create an appealing design.  The challenge to build a contemporary and interesting home out of this unique Francisville location is exactly the type of problem we enjoy solving for clients.

In the tightest corner we placed a circulation stairway with sharp angles that echoed the contemporary feel throughout all levels of the house.  This strategic placement also helped preserve the maximum amount of living space available since the “point” of the triangle was the least usable area of the home.  That decision turned out to be the cornerstone of the design’s success.

If the shape of the lot wasn’t enough of a challenge, finding the right balance to accentuate the angled geometry on the two facades was.  The skewed angle bay windows not only found that balance, but their positioning perfectly aligned with the view corridors created by the cross streets. We couldn’t have planned it any better, and the unobstructed views speak for themselves!

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