Mike Opdahl, RA

Project Architect
Mike joined our team in 2014 after receiving a Bachelors of Architecture degree from Philadelphia University. Mike is a project coordinator who directs both commercial and custom residential projects for our firm.  He is able to create diagrams that deliver both visually and functionally for our clients; capturing the ideas and dreams they expressed in our initial conversations.  Mike’s creativity, knowledge and commitment to his work make him a great team member and an asset to Marshall Sabatini. Mike appreciates the close-knit environment of Marshall Sabatini and how he can be involved in a project from its earliest stage through to its completion.  When not working he enjoys creative writing, reading, and hiking the trails around Philadelphia.  He currently resides in the Roxborough neighborhood of Philadelphia with his wife Emily.


Mike’s portfolio includes a wide selection of residential and commercial projects.  He has worked with the commercial construction company, Campus Apartments, overseeing various types of projects from start to finish including fraternities, sororities, apartments, and offices.  Mike has also updated two timeshare building models for the expansion of the Split Rock Resort in the Poconos.  On the residential side, he has managed and drafted several complex custom home renovations and additions. Like all of our architects, his goal for every project is to create a space that delivers both visually and functionally.  He believes a creative solution is always there to be found; one that works with clients and their budget, without sacrificing design.

Why Architecture

“It is not a surprise I became an architect.  As a child, I spent many hours working with my father in his wood shop in the garage.  Drawing and sketching was a big hobby of mine growing up, as was playing with Legos, Knex and Lincoln Logs. “There are two architects I admire and try to emulate in my work.  The first is architect Peter Zumthor for his use of material and lighting to create intimate engaging spaces out of simplified architecture.  I also appreciate John Lautner for his use of organic, geometric forms and his idea that each work should have a ‘total concept’.  This means each piece works together to create a singular experience.  I try to emulate both in my work.”

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